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London, UK

Terms & Conditions


Prior to each treatment there will be a full consultation where I will do a thorough skin analysis on the Client and advise them of how the chosen facial treatment works and results they can expect to see. The Client will sign their consent to having the treatment on their consultation card, and each subsequent treatment will require a signature of consent by the Client. Any medical or health conditions/ Contraindications will be confirmed by the Client and we will agree together on the best skincare treatment plan to suit.


Payments will be taken in Cash or Bank Transfer and should be paid on the day once treatment has been done.


Clients that may be running late for their appointment should call within 15 minutes within their scheduled appointment time so I can try to accommodate this for them or reschedule for a more suitable date and time.

Personal Belongings

If a Client leaves any personal belongings behind this is not my responsibility - however I will get in touch with the Client in order to inform them so they can attend to collect.


No children will be allowed to attend on the premises due to health and safety.


Deposits will be required for any course treatments the Client wishes to have. This will be a 50% deposit of the full treatment course price and due to be paid 48 hours prior to the date of the treatment. Single treatments do not require a deposit to be paid.


Deposits paid for a course of treatments require a 50% deposit and this is non-refundable so if the Client decides to cancel their appointment the deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

Your right to cancel - you can cancel your appointment but ideally this needs to be 48 hours prior to the appointment date or as soon as possible so I can help to reschedule you at a more suitable time.  My Right to Cancel - I can cancel appointments but must give the Client 48 hours notice to cancelling this and offer them an alternative date and time.

Change of Appointment

This is your CV description. Concisely describe your specific position, degree, certification or personal experience. Make sure to include relevant skills, accomplishments and milestones gained. Don’t forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.


Any skin disease or skin condition the Client has must be confirmed to myself due to the nature of these facial rejuvenation treatments. Most medical conditions will not be a problem however some may require a medical note from their Doctor. This will be discussed further during the Client consultation. A Client with cold sores, psoriasis or eczema will not be able to have the facial treatments provided by myself, and a pregnant women will not able to have a chemical skin peel or micro needling.

Patch Test

Patch Test will be required for any Client wishing to have a chemical skin peel 24 hours prior to the treatment. This is to ensure the Client does not have any allergies to the products.

Personal Data / GDPR 

The Clients personal data will be kept on their consultation cards and kept locked away. No personal data of any Client will be used nor given to any other third party without the Clients written consent agreeing to this. Personal photographs used for business purposes such as my website and social media will only be used when the Client has signed and agreed to this. Personal data of the Client such as email will only be used for marketing purposes when the Client has agreed and given consent to have this.

Privacy Policy

At Kare by Kate we will treat all your Personal Information as confidential and we will fully comply with all applicable UK Data Protection and Consumer Legislation.