Advanced Skincare- Tailored Treatments

Million Dollar Facial

90 mins 


Course of 4 Treatments ~ £400

The Ultimate Red Carpet Facial- this includes Dermaplaning and Micro Needling as well as a Hyaluronic Acid Mask for the ultimate glow- it nourishes the skin from the inside out, this is the ultimate facial rejuvenation!

* Recommended course of 4 treatments for maximum results *


Double Cleanse
Lymphatic Massage
Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Microneedling & Skin Peel

60 mins 


Microneedling by use of a Dermaroller and Dermapen opens up hundreds of tiny micro channels in the skin- the needles prick the skin and create rapid production of collagen in the skin, and a skin peel works to deeply exfoliate the mid layers of the skin to reveal amazing, fresh, glowy skin!

Dermaplaning, Microneedling & Skin Peel

90 mins


This combines all three treatments- I will start with Dermaplaning to remove all dead skin cells and vellus hair- then use the Dermaroller to induce collagen, and finish with a skin peel tailored to your skin. This will leave your skin with the ultimate glow and freshness and feel instantly rejuvenated!



London, UK

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