London, UK

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Advanced Skincare- Tailored Treatments

Dermaplaning & Skin Peel

90 mins 


You can have a Dermaplaning facial and then a Chemical Skin Peel - both of these treatments combined will offer amazing instant results for glowing, radiant skin! Dermaplaning will leave the skin completely smooth and renewed and able to absorb the full potency of a skin peel!

Microneedling & Skin Peel

60 mins 


Microneedling by use of a Dermaroller and Dermapen opens up hundreds of tiny micro channels in the skin- the needles prick the skin and create rapid production of collagen in the skin, and a skin peel works to deeply exfoliate the mid layers of the skin to reveal amazing, fresh, glowy skin!

Dermaplaning, Microneedling & Skin Peel

90 mins


This combines all three treatments- I will start with Dermaplaning to remove all dead skin cells and vellus hair- then use the Dermaroller to induce collagen, and finish with a skin peel tailored to your skin. This will leave your skin with the ultimate glow and freshness and feel instantly rejuvenated!